Please note:  not all styles pictured on our website are available at all times.  Pictures indicate the looks and companies we carry, but not all styles are hanging in stock, or available, at all times. 

Make your appointment to visit,
and turn possibilities into reality for your special day!

You're Special, you're the Mother-of-the-Wedding!   

And Mom, you NEED a dress for the wedding! 


You NEED Marry-Go-Round in Strum!

At Marry-Go-Round Occasions, we know the wedding is a special event for MOTHER, STEP-MOTHER, GRANDMOTHER, GODMOTHER and AUNTIE alike.  You want to honor this milestone in the lives of your children with the perfect gown.

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Simple or Sophisticated,

 Trendy or Traditional,

 Jackets, Sleeves or Sleeveless, 

Youthful, Modest or Contemporary

Luscious fabrics, Beautiful silhouettes and Quality in every dress...


We have it all at Marry-Go-Round Occasions of Strum

  We cater to you, the Mother of the wedding.  

During your appointment, we make sure to make you feel welcomed and comfortable, 

and then win your trust with our expertise. 


We’ll really HELP you find the perfect gown.  

Not just “there’s the rack of dresses” but here is a collection full of opportunities, 

let’s find the right gown TOGETHER! 


We're different, Marry-Go-Round is not a chain store.  

We are a family-owned boutique with a very small staff and limited hours.  

But we are BIG on selection and service!  Many dresses are not on display for "just browsing".  

We ask for appointments because we want to be prepared for you---then you'll have our unique shopping experience AND find the perfect mother's dress.



We aren’t here all the time, but we will be here just for you with an advanced appointment.  Call us today and make that mother of the wedding appointment


—You deserve it!


 You deserve Marry-Go-Round Occasions in Strum!



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